Fun, communicative courses tailored to engage preschoolers and allow them to experience, experiment with and naturally pick up the English language through play and day-to-day activities.


Course activities are designed to stimulate all senses and address all learning styles. We'll be singing, dancing, exercising, reading stories, playing games, doing arts and crafts, and a lot more!


Preschoolers can learn a new language as quickly as their own native language. And what is more... this helps them develop critical thinking, creativity and flexibility.


Age group: 4 to 6-year olds
Timing: 45-minute weekly sessions
Pricing: 30€ / month

Fun with English

Current courses

Wednesdays at 3 pm @ Kurpfalzstr. 20 in Wiesloch: booked out!
Thursdays at 2:15 pm @ Turmgasse 23 in Leimen: booked out!

You develop...

Fluency and confidence in speaking
Effective presentation and negotiation skills
Active listening and comprehension skills

You develop...
You learn...

You learn...

Usable grammar in a meaningful context
Relevant vocabulary for business
Useful functional language for the workspace


  • Activities designed around communication skills and business topics
  • Personalized tasks and texts, based on your needs
  • Comprehensive work on pronunciation and intonation
  • A variety of practical methodologies, including role-plays, discussions, presentations, and debates
  • Crash sessions focusing on reading and writing skills for business purposes (reports, emails, case studies, etc.)


  • In-company courses
  • One-on-one courses
  • Individual crash sessions / intensive training
  • Small-group courses for up to 6 participants
  • In-person or online (via Skype or Zoom)

About Me

Irina Schmidt

Cambridge Certified English Language Trainer

I am a proficient English speaker with extensive experience of working in international environments. As an EFL teacher, I strive to create a fun, enjoyable and effective learning environment and to develop my students' confidence in their English language skills. My Business English sessions are designed to integrate communication skills (such as negotiating, presentations and managing meetings) and soft skills associated with the workplace (such as collaboration, teamwork and intercultural competence) into our work on the English language. My courses for preschoolers strive to allow kids to naturally pick up the language through play by stimulating all senses and integrating activities tailored to their needs.

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